Beds and Stretchers (trolleys)

Howard Wright are a New Zealand manufacturer of a innovative range of patient beds and stretchers.
These products are widely accept on the international market and with some of our Pacific Island
customers who desire a quality electric based product.

M9 Ward Bed (Pacific ICU)
Fully electric functions with individual lock-out and battery back up.
250kg Safe Working Load.
350mm low height and 800mm high height.
Sliding backrest.
CPR quick release backrest (dampened).

Used in Tonga, Cook Islands and Fiji + NZ/AUST


M8 Fully Featured ICU Bed
Full electric functionality with battery backup.
250kg Safe Working Load.
Radiolucent deck: full X-ray and image intensifier capability.
Full cardiac chair positioning with sliding backrest and legraise.
Full range of accessories are available including integrated patient weigh scale system.

PREMA pressure reducing mattress
Specifically designed to provide therapeutic comfort from head to toe.
Reversible and rotatable.
Pliable, breathable, antibacterial and waterproof bielastic mattress cover.
Waterproof zip around three sides.
Reduced skin to mattress friction.

M7 Emergency/Trauma Trolley – Standard
Fully electric functions with individual lock-out and battery backup.
300kg Safe Working Load.
400mm low height and 800mm high height.
CPR quick release backrest.
Push handles.

Used in Tonga, Cook Islands and Fiji + NZ/AUST


M7 Emergency/Trauma Trolley – Deluxe
Four section radiolucent deck.
Full electric functionality with individual lock-out and battery backup.
300kg Safe Working Load.
High performance 150mm dual TENTE castors with 5th wheel steering.
Drainage bag rails at each side.

M7 Examination Couch
Fully electric functions with individual lock-out and battery backup.
300kg Safe Working Load.
Paper roll holder.
Central locking braking with 2 brake pedals and 1 steer castor.
Handset storage rails.

Used in Tonga, Cook Islands and Fiji + NZ/AUST

Pacific Shower Trolley
Fully electric controls.
200kg Safe Working Load.
Tub sides lower to become flush with patient platform.
Low battery warning light on handset.
Push handles at both ends.

M1 Stretcher

Standard Features
• One-person operation
• Roll-in loading with two-stage load release safety mechanism
• Oversized wheels with sealed caster and wheel bearings
• Color-coded controls
• High visibility powder-coated frame
• Light-weight, rugged aluminum construction
• Shock, knee gatch or flat leg positioning
• Head-end steer lock system
• Ergonomic lift-and-grip design
• Seven height positions
• Foot-end wheel locks
• Reflective labeling
• Release lever guards
• Removable litter
• Extendable one-hand release lift handles
• Integrated bumper system
• One-hand release, infinite positioning, lift assist, pneumatic backrest
• One four-point shoulder harness restraint
• Two lap-belt restraints
• Lubrication-free maintenance
• Pressure-washable
Made in USA - 2 year warranty

Used in the Cook Islands plus globally


Automatic loading system
Reduces potential handling injuries
318Kg SWL


Stryker 747 Stretcher - Non Electric

 Key features 
• 8 cm (3”) vinyl mattress on 66 cm (26”) litter 
• 20 cm (8”) Omni Surface castors 
• Fold-down siderails on 66 cm (26”) litter (fold to foot) 
• Fold-down siderails on 76 cm (30”) litter (fold to head) 
• Four IV receptacles 
• Central-locking brake system with dual-end activators 
• Integrated storage tray with oxygen bottle holder 
• Retractable fifth-wheel steering 
• Roller bumpers 
• Stationary foot-end litter 
• Dual cylinder pneumatic backrest 
• Dual pedestal hydraulics 
• Dual side-mounted foot control hydraulics 
• Hands-free trendelenburg 
• Wheel covers 
Made in USA - 2 year warranty

Used in Kiribati, Fiji and Tonga plus globally


  • Fold-down siderails
  • Pneumatic Fowler
  • Retractable fifthwheel steering
  • Dual articulation, enhanced clearance headpiece
  • Stationary footend litter
  • Dual side hydraulic controls
  • Handsfree Trendelenburg
  • Ring brake system with foot end brake
  • Push Handles Foot End
  • 2 Position Siderail Standard
  • Made in USA 2 year warranty
  • SWL 227Kg

Bari10A Bariatric Bed

• 476Kg/1050 lb. safe working load
• Foot end controls with patient lockouts
• Fully articulated mattress support platform with independent back and knee movement, up/down adjustments, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning
• 36” wide mattress support platform sections easily expand to 48” wide
• 80” (expandable to 88”) mattress support platform. Integrated foot end extension section extends an extra 8” length for taller residents/patients
• 18.75” to 33.75” height • Integrated scale system for resident/ patient weight monitoring up to 1050 lbs • Head and foot end siderails/ assist devices
• One-handed siderail release • Siderails on head and foot sections fold down for easy patient access
• Pendant control for all bed functions with separate selective lock-out to override functions
• Emergency manual release for mattress support platform
• Quiet DC motors • Welded steel tubular frame

Made in USA - 2 year warranty