Electro Surgical Units (ESU)

Valleylab has a complete line of state-of-the-art electrosurgical generators to meet the needs of the surgical team for hospital, surgery center, and office-based procedures. All current Valleylab generators offer safety and performance features, including isolated output, independent activation of accessories, and the patented Valleylab REM™ contact quality monitoring system, which substantially reduces the risk of burns under the patient return electrode. The Valleylab REM™ system, the first of its kind, has been proven in more than 100 million surgical procedures worldwide.

Valleylab FX8

The Valleylab™ FX8 energy platform drives electrosurgical handpieces with precision using lower levels of energy.1,2 It’s designed to support a wide range of surgical procedures that require division, hemostasis, and dissection.

Along with cut, coag, and soft coag modes, the Valleylab™ FX8 energy platform enables two unique modes that can bring new possibilities to your procedures:

  • Valleylab™ mode provides a unique combination of monopolar hemostasis and division2,6,7
  • Shared coag mode allows two surgeons to work on the same patient at the same time — from a single energy platform

Plus, the Valleylab™ FX8 energy platform delivers:

  • Precise monopolar and bipolar energy1,2
  • Power control during monopolar energy delivery that’s five times better than the ForceTriad™ energy platform1,2,††
  • Tissue monitoring that’s 2,600 times faster than the Force FX™ electrosurgical generator4,8,9
  • Appropriate thermal spread10,§

Valleylab FT10

The Valleylab FT10 energy platform not only drives our full portfolio of energy-based devices, it makes them better than ever.2,3

Improving the performance of all of our devices with faster sealing and cutting times - for example, LigaSure vessel sealing is up to 50% faster2 - the Valleylab FT10 energy platform delivers precise amounts of energy where and when it is needed most.

The Valleylab energy portfolio's best-in-class advanced energy and electrosurgery devices are all powered by Smart generators that manage energy delivery with precision-enabling algorithms. The technology progress created with the Valleylab  FT10 energy platform improves all surgical applications for the entire portfolio.

Next-generation changes

When used with the Valleylab‚Ñ¢ FT10 energy platform:

  • LigaSure‚Ñ¢ technology is improved with:
    • up to 50% faster sealing times2
    • lower jaw temperatures
  • Electrosurgical performance is more precise:
    • Auto bipolar has a faster activation time4
    • Monopolar performance is improved3

Electrosurgical Accessories
Valleylab provides an extensive array of electrosurgical accessories, including pencils, specialty electrodes, return electrodes, suction coagulators, forceps, cords, and adapters designed for optimal performance in an integrated, state-of-the-art Valleylab electrosurgery system. Quality and compatibility of components is ensured when your electrosurgery system bears the Valleylab name.