ICU Ventilators

EDAN VT5 Ventilator (Paeds/Adults)

4-6 Week delivery subject to flight availability

-       12.1 inch full touch color screen
-       Ventilator with ventilation mode VCV, PCV, PRVC, SPONT(PS),
-       Tidal volume range: 20-2500ml
-       General ventilation treament tool are avalable: Nebulizer, Manual Breath,
        Inspiratory Hold, Samrt Suction, Lung Machanics(Risnp, Cstatic, PEEPi)
-       Backup power supply: minimun 120min (Built-in battery)
-       O2 sensor, O2 pipeline, bacterial filter, 1 set adult PVC breathing
       circuit,power cable,user manual(English), Tip card, addtional fuse, battery,
       few additional spare part of expiration valve, etc.

Optional Medical Air Compressor
Compatable with F&P MR850 Humidifier and associated accessories

V2 Transport Ventilator (Paeds/Adults)

4-6 Week delivery subject to flight availability

Ventilation Mode
• Assist/Control (A/C)
• Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)
• Spontaneous ventilation (SPONT)
• Manual ventilation (Manual)
• Combined: VCV+SIGH

• Tidal volume: 0~1500ml
• Respiratory rate: 4~99bpm (A/C mode)
4~40bpm (SIMV mode)
• I:E ratio: 2:1~1:4
• FiO2: 48%~100%
• Pressure trigger sensitivity: -2~0kPa(above PEEP)
• PEEP (option): 0.5~2kPa
• Temperature: -10℃~50℃ (Operation)
• Backup apnea ventilation
• Audible and visual alarms
• Applicable to both adults and children in various scenarios
• Flexible power supply: A/C, D/C, rechargeable built-in battery

• Pressure values: Ppeak
• Volume/ ow values: Vt, MV
• Time values: ftotal
• Real time curves: Pressure-Time


Puritin Bennett PB560 Ventilator (Paeds/Adults)

- 12.1 inch full touch color screen
 - Ventilator with ventilation mode CPAP, PSV, P A/C, V A/C, V SIMV, P SIMV
 -  Volume 50-2000ml
 - Prtessure 5-55mbar
 - Insp Time 0.3-2.4s
 - Rare: 1-60bpm
 - Internal battery provides upto 11 hours of operaion
Made in USA

Puritin Bennett PB980 Ventilator (Neonate/Paeds/Adults)

Modes: Assist Control (A/C), Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV), Spontaneous (SPONT),
BiLevel, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

Mandatory Breath Types: Volume Control (VC), Pressure Control (PC), and Volume Control Plus (VC+)
Spontaneous Breath Types: Pressure Support (PS), Volume Support (VS), Tube Compensation (TC), and
Proportional Assist Ventilation PAV+ software

Ventilation Type: Invasive and Noninvasive (NIV)
Pressure Support (PSUPP): 0 cmH2O to 70 cmH2O
Rise Time %: 1% to 100%
Expiratory Sensitivity (ESENS): 1% to 80%; 1 L/min to 10 L/min with PAV+
Tidal Volume (VT): 25 mL to 2,500 mL; Resolution: 0.1 mL for values <5 mL; 1 mL for values 5 mL to 100 mL;
5 mL for values 100 mL to 395 mL; 10 mL for values ≥400 mL
Respiratory Rate (ƒ): 1.0 1/min to 100 1/min; 1.0 1/min to 150 1/min with Puritan Bennett 980 Universal ventilator
Peak Inspiratory Flow (VMAX): 3 L/min to 150 L/min
Plateau Time (TPL): 0.0 to 2.0 seconds
Inspiratory Pressure (PI): 5 to 90 cmH20
Inspiratory Time (TI): 0.2 to 8.0 seconds
I:E Ratio: 1:299 to 149:1
Expiratory time (TE): ≥ 0.20 seconds; Resolution: 0.01 s
Trigger Type: Pressure-triggering (P-TRIG) or flow-triggering (V-TRIG)
Pressure sensitivity (PSENS): 0.1 cmH2O to 20 cmH2O
Flow sensitivity (VSENS): 0.2 L/min to 20 L/min
O2%: 21% to 100%