Neonatal Warmers/Incubators

Fanem manufacture a range of neonatal ICU equipment, this includes warmers, incubators and transport Incubators. Fanen Ltda is based in Brazil and export globally.

1186 Incubator Range
Single walled for the tropics
LED or LCD panel options
Parameter options: Air/Skin - +Humidity + SpO2 +Scales
Fixed or variable height
With or without drawers
Various shelf options

IT158 Transport Incubator
Life battery module
Air and Skin Temperature
Variable height stand

Ampla 2085 Warmer
New ergonomic warmer
Display options: LED/LCD/Colour LCD
Multi parameter options
Fixed or variable height
Electric of manual tilt
Optional Aspiration + babypuff® + blender +
Optional transportation kit
Optional instrument shelves/bypass drawers
Optional phototherapy
Optional Scales