Operating Tables and Delivery Beds

The Stryker LD304 

The Stryker LD304 Maternity Birthing Bed provides comfort and convenience for both patients and clinicians. With convenient controls, a superior steering system and automatic pelvic tilt, caregivers can easily guide patients through the birthing process without back strain. The ultra-plus mattress keeps patients comfortable. Includes a wooden headboard and an under-bed night light.


  • Convenient controls, including single button Trendelenburg.
  • Ergonomically designed foot section helps protect the caregiver from back strain and injury.
  • Lock-Rite foot section glides off for quick and easy breakdown.
  • Length-adjustable footrests provide multiple leg positioning capabilities.
  • Ultra-comfort mattress with integrated, high-memory egg crate topper promotes comfort.
  • Patented feature moves mom closer to the edge of the bed with the touch of a button.
  • Three-position side-rails and in-rail motion controls with lockout.
  • 6-inch (15 cm) casters with wheel covers and locking-caster steering.
  • Four-wheel, steel-ring brake system with centrally located activation pedal.
  • Automatic pelvic tilt.
  • CPR release.
  • Manual backup.
  • Self-storing handgrips.
  • Plastic fluid basin.
  • Under-bed night light.
  • Wood headboard.
  • Permanent folding three-stage IV pole.
  • Made in USA - 1 year warranty


UNIVERSAL OP TABLE ST-280 Hydraulic Operation Table

Electric/Hydraulic operation

  • Cost effective, state of art Sturdy ST series design.
  • Height adjustable for surgeon's access and comfort.
  • The entire table-top is designed without metal crossbars to allow for image amplification during surgical procedures.
  • ST-280 series design and positioning functionality allows for convenient and unrestricted C-Arm access.
  • Not only suitable for general operation but also for C-Arm scanning, cardiac catheterization and spinal surgery.
  • Orthopaedic extension tractor allows for ease of use in operations.
  • Gas-Spring adjustable back plate and foot plate offer easy and smooth control.
  • Plate's durability avoids distortion even after prolonged exposure to X-ray.
  • SWL250Kg


UNIVERSAL OP TABLE ST-08 Hydraulic Operation Table

Hydraulic Operation

STURDY designed ST-08 to meet different surgical requirements.

  • Stable base construction with four castors for easy movement.
  • Manual base brake.
  • Lateral tilt and Trendelenburg adjusted by hand crank.
  • Base cover, side rails, accessories & clamps made of #304 stainless steel.


Table top

  • Divided into 5 sections including head plate (U-shaped head rest optional), back plate, seat plate and leg plates
  • Table top elevation controlled by hydraulic system
  • 360o table top rotation
  • Can be optioned with X-ray radiography acrylic sheet plates.

Made in Taiwan – 2 year warranty