Patient Monitoring/Vital Signs

Medspares offer full spares and accessories for the following Criticare monitors:

8100 nGenuity™
8100 nGenius™
8500 anaesthesia bench

Edan Instruments from the Peoples Republic of China is a very well established manufacturer of  Medical
equipment including a superb range of patient monitoring devices.
Medspares has been successful in setting up standardisation projects in some Pacific Island hospitals.
V8 - 17"
V6 - 15"
V5 - 12"
Designed as a full modular monitor, elite V8 dedicates to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions especially
for critical divisions. Using it together with iM20, you may build a seamless connection from ambulances to
in-hospital cares.
With its plug-and-play modules and an extensive modular rack, elite V8 is able to monitor a wide range of
parameters simultaneously, adapting from critical cares to anaesthesia monitoring, with additional monitoring
capabilities including: ICG, RM and BIS.
Some other Additional functions are also included in elite V8 to assist medical treatments, such as 12-lead ECG
diagnosis, hemodynamic calculation, drug does calculation, IBP overlapping, and so on. Such functions provide
quick references to help decide the adjustments of nursing and treatment plans.
The high-resolution colour TFT-LCD together with the up-to-date customizable shortcut menu design brings easy
one-touch access to frequently used functions, allowing more attention to the critical patients.
SpO2: including EDAN/Nellcor
ECG: 3/5/12 Lead
Co2: Sidestream/Microstream/Mainstream from Edan / Respironics / Masimo
IBP / CO / NIBP: Edan - Omron / BIS / Multi-gas
iM20 Transport Patient Monitor
Serves as both a transport monitor and a multi-parameter module for elite Series, iM20 provides a comprehensive
and seamless monitoring solution both inside and outside hospital, connecting ambulatory cares to intensive cares.
Weighing less than 1.5kg with battery installed, iM20 is one of lightest transport monitor you can find on the
market. Engineered strictly as to IP44 waterproof and dust proof standard, as well as a solid shock resistance
performance, iM20 is suitable for patient transport in the harshest environments.
Add: Nellcor SpO2
Add: 12 Lead ECG
Add: Suntech NIBP
Add: 2-IBP
iM Range 
iM50 - 8.4"
iM70 - 12"
iM80 - 15"
The new generation Edan iM50/M50 patient monitor provides perfect transportation solution.
The multi-functional all-in-one parameter module and new application platform greatly enhance the efficiency of full
clinical parameter monitoring for patient transfer.
SpO2: including EDAN/Nellcor
ECG: 3/5/ Lead
Co2: Sidestream/Microstream/Mainstream from Edan / Respironics
IBP / CO / NIBP: Edan - Omron / Multi-gas
iM3 Vital Signs
Brand new from Edan featuring an 8" TFT Touchscreen and customisable shortcut menu.
Plus Temp/Printer
M3 Vital Signs
M3 Vital Signs
Edan M3 Vital Signs Monitor has made its mark in out-patient department and doctor’s office for its accuracy,
durability and cost-effectiveness by SpO2, NIBP and Fast TEMP monitoring. Its affordable price and
multi-parameter functionality address vital signs monitoring needs.
SpO2 / Capnpograph (no temp upgrade)
Plus Temp/Printer
H100B Handheld Oximeter
The H100B employs EDAN SpO2 technology which has the equivalent performance as the industry leaders’.
Its pocket-size design makes it extremely suitable for spot-checks and ambulatories.
Standard with AA battery operation
Add: Rechargeable batteries and Dock + Protective cover