PPE - Personal Protection Equipment

With the global COVID-19 virus we have been asked to source various PPE, of which we have helped
our friends in the Pacific Islands
China is back online, unfortunately under the usual supply/demand issues the prices are very high.
Minimum quantities are usually in the 1000s. Sorry, no consumer inquiries. Lead times are 1-2 weeks
and a full comitment is required pre-order.
Medspares can help with the following and not limited to:
N95/P2 Masks - with and without valve NIOSH and non-NIOSH certified
3-Ply "ear-loop" facemasks for every day public and hospital use
Disposable Safety visors
Level 3 fluid protection incl visor
Affordable non-contact thermometers
IR Screening Systems for Airports and public places
Isolation gowns and protective garments
Alcohol Wipes