Over half a century ago our founder, Dietmar Garbe, developed the world's first office spirometer in an outbuilding
of the Garbe family home.

From these small beginnings Vitalograph has grown into a world leading provider of cardio-respiratory products
and services to primary and secondary care,

occupational health, the emergency services and pharmaceutical clinical trials.

The Technology: The Fleisch Pneumotachograph

  • Easy to use with no cables or arms
  • Extremely robust, designed to withstand being frequently dropped
  • Safer than a heated pneumotach with no electrical parts near a
  • patient’s mouth
  • Simple with no moving parts
  • Accurate, linear and stable
  • Reliable with consistent results
  • Technical advantages:
  • Low flow impedance, even with BVF (well within standard)
  • Linear and accurate even at very low flows
  • Can be easily decontaminated by cleaning, cold liquid sterilization
  • or autoclaving at 137°C
  • Can be easily checked for accuracy (using a Precision Syringe)
  • Recalibration by the user is possible if accuracy is compromised
  • Meets ISO 26782:2009 spirometry standard & ISO 23747:2007
  • Fulfills all the ATS/ERS:2005 guidelines

Far superior than ultrasonic and turbine based techgnology - references available

Anti-bacterial filters may be used - significantly reduces cross tamination and the spread of viruses

Compact Work Stations:

Vitalograph COMPACT

Cardio-Respiratory Diagnostic Workstation

Vitalograph are proud to introduce the COMPACT Expert, the world’s first stand alone, networkable spirometer
workstation. The easy to use COMPACT can be incorporated into your facility’s network to share data with other
networked COMPACT spirometers - without requiring a PC.

A typical installation would be a data server, online printers and several PCs and COMPACT devices all talking to
each other and sharing data and resources. By loading the free Spirotrac viewer software onto your networked
PC workstation, spirometry data on the networked COMPACT can be viewed directly. The COMPACT also offers
a host of integrated cardio-respiratory testing, data management and customization capabilities.

 - Intuitive user interface with workflow orientated presentation
 - Subject list, test session list, dynamic information panel and session data in one view
 - Automatic FEV1 trend chart view as subject is selected
 - Open session, f/v & v/t curves, all test data, test quality and subject demographics in one view
 - Automatic storage of all test data and events, including calibration log
 - Attractive incentive displays for children, designed to maximise interest and effort
 - View real-time curves through the incentives
 - Comprehensive reports for spirometry and trending including PDF generator for remote electronic filling and e-mailing
 - Configurable spirometry reports
 - Manual data entry and data export facility
 - Mannitol/Bronchial Challenge Testing

Options: 12-Lead ECG and Pulse Oximetry

Desktop Spirometers:

Alpha Touch Spirometer

  • Integral thermal printer
  • With or without PC
  • Durable measurement technology without the need for expensive disposable sensors, turbines, spirettes or flow tubes
  • Optimal hygiene via Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (BVF)
  • No user calibration required*
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • Built-in interpretation of measurement results
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Includes all parameters for adult and pediatric patients within general healthcare and occupational health
  • Includes Vitalograph Reports Software with the ability to create editable PDFs
  • Features latest GLI spirometry predicted equations and Z-scores
  • The ability to use with or without a PC
  • Touch screen for modern and intuitive navigation
  • Patient management database for storing more than 10,000 patients
  • Intuitive icon driven user interface
  • Choice of child friendly incentive animations to help improve patient cooperation
  • Optional upgrade to Spirotrac Software enables automatic data exchange, via HL7 or GDT transfer
    protocols, with electronic medical record (EMR) systems

Pneumotrac Spirometer - The Ideal PC-Based Spirometer for General Healthcare and Occupational Health

  • Sophisticated PC-based spirometer
  • Attractive, compact design
  • Suitable for adults and paediatrics
  • Durable measurement technology
  • No need for expensive disposable sensors, turbines, spirettes or flow tubes
  • No user calibration required*
  • Optimal hygiene via Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (BVF)
  • Powerful Spirotrac Software with real-time curves, interpretation and data trending
  • Choice of child friendly incentive animations to help improve patient cooperation
  • Intuitive Spirotrac Software future-proofs your service through various PC expansion options including
    interfacing with your network and electronic medical record (EMR) systems
  • Features latest GLI spirometry predicted equations and Z-scores

Handheld Spirmeters

In2itive and micro Spirometers


EasyOne® Air

Portable & PC spirometer
EasyOne® Air is a flexible, accurate and proven spirometry solution designed for healthcare providers large and small.
Utilizing TrueFlow™ technology, this portable spirometer delivers reliable results without the need for calibration to ensure
lifetime worry-free operation. Thanks to the vivid color touch screen, it is easy to navigate, view real-time results and enter

Flexible Use, Consistent Results
EasyOne® Air can be used as a portable or as a PC spirometer. It delivers consistent results regardless of setting or
environmental factors.

Calibration-free TrueFlow™ Technology
Utilizing high-quality components and Swiss precision-engineering, TrueFlow™ delivers robust and reliable testing results 
without needing calibration. 

Color Touch Screen
View real-time graphs, quickly enter patient data and easily navigate with the high resolution color touch screen in the
EasyOne® Air.

Part Number Product
2500-2A EasyOne Air US
2500-2INT EasyOne Air International

EasyOne Air complete package with device, power plug and adapter, cradle,
USB cables, battery pack etc.

Accessories Part Number Product
5050-50      EasyOne FlowTube, individually wrapped, box of 50 pcs 5
050-200      EasyOne FlowTube, individually wrapped, box of 200 pcs
5050-500    EasyOne FlowTube, individually wrapped, box of 500 pcs
2030-2        ndd Calibration syringe 3L with EasyOne FlowTube Cal Check Adapter
5030-2        EasyOne FlowTube Adapter
2500-50.11 EasyOne Air cradle with cables, power supply and adapters
2500-50.5   EasyOne Air power supply with adapters
2500-50.4   EasyOne Air battery pack