Transducers, Sensors, Cuffs and defib pads

Tenacore is a US manufacturer of generic SpO2 and CTG transducers and carry a one year warranty unlike those of the actual equipment manufacturer.
Tenacore also manufacture a range of ECG leads for various monitors, defibrillators  and ECG machines.

SPO2 probes, direct connect to monitor or extension cable

  • Nellcor Oximax ™ generic 3 or 10’ cable DS100A + DEC-10
  • HP/Philips SpO2 3 or 10’ cable
  • GE/Ohmeda 3 or 10’ cable
  • Spacelabs 3 or 10’ cable
  • Masimo 3' or 10' Cable
  • DB9 extension cables for HP/Philips, GE, Welch Allyn, Spacelabs 

CTG transducers: (half the price of the original part and a 1-year warranty)

  • Corometrics
  • Philips

ECG Cables: (ECG machines, patient montitors and defibs)

  • Lead wires
  • Trunk Cables
  • Complete cablrs

CM Cables
CE and ISO13485 Certified Chinese manufacturer of generic cables and sensors. We have sold hundreds of these in anf Pacific.

  • SPO2 (Mindray 512F , Nellcor DS100A , Edan, Spacelabs, Masimo, Colin, Criticare)
  • ECG Lead wires
  • ECG Trunk Cables
  • CTG Transducers
  • IBP Cables
  • NIBP Hoses

1 year warranty on all cables

Salterlabs, a manufacturer and supplier of sampling equipment used to monitor indoor environmental, occupational health and safety conditions. From our 50,000 square foot facility in Ocala, FL we manufacture a large selection of air sampling filter products and sampling pumps. Beginning from the start with injection molding of the plastic parts to the final assembly and packaging, we do it all.

Durachek cuffs
Reusable and washable NIBP cuffs with connectors to suit a wide range of patient monitors, these include:

Welch Allyn/GE/Ohmeda/Spacelabs/Mindray/Nihon Koden/Dynamap/Propaq/Invivo/Critikon/Datasscope

Also available are neonatal disposable cuffs and O2 sample lines.


Medi-Trace™ defibrillation electrodes with our gradient technology provide a more uniform distribution of current during defibrillation, pacing and cardioversion.

Medi-Trace™ Cadence
22550A-Medi-Trace™ Cadence adult
22550P Medi-Trace™ Cadence pediatric
22550R Medi-Trace™ Cadence adult, RTS
22660P Medi-Trace™ Cadence pediatric, HeartStart™
22660R Medi-Trace™ Cadence adult, Heartstart™, RTS
22661P Medi-Trace™ Cadence pediatric, Philips Barrel5
22770P Medi-Trace™ Cadence pediatric, Zoll™5
22770R Medi-Trace™ Cadence adult, Zoll, RTS

Medi-Trace™ Pre-Connect Options

22550PC Medi-Trace™ Cadence adult, pre-connect
22660PC Medi-Trace™ Cadence adult, HeartStart™, pre-connect
22661PC Medi-Trace™ Cadence adult, Philips Barrel, pre-connect10
22770PC Medi-Trace™ Cadence adult, Zoll™, pre-connect10

Medi-Trace™ RTS
20550-Kendall™ RTS, Quick Combo™
20660Kendall™ RTS, Philips HeartStart™
20661Kendall™ RTS, Philips Barrel
20770-Kendall™ RTS, Zoll™