X-Ray + CR/DR Acquisition

Listem are a South Korean manufacturer of  analogue and digital x-ray equipment. From the Mobix 1000 mobile right upto the CLASCAN digital DR system. Listem have been in operation since 1960.
Our sites include:
Fiji National University - School of Medicine, Suva
Kadavu MOH Fiji
Nausory MOH Fiji
Sigatoko MOH Fiji
Vava'u MOH Tonga
Kirakira MOH Solomon Islands
Delivery Pending for 2 systems into Vanuatu - 1 at Central and 1 at Santo Hosptials
REX 500 Series
35-80Kw Three Phase system
Conventional and proven in the Pacific
DR Single or Dual
4-way table, Buckey and Ceiling to floor tube column
Ceiling gantry for tube
6-way floating table
AEC 1 or 2 sensor
Capacitor bank for 32 and 40kW models

300mA/120Kv system
DR technology
4-way table, Buckey and Ceiling to floor tube column
Optional ceiling gantry for tube
Integration to PACS/HIS/RIS

900mA/150Kv system
DR technology
Integrated C-Arm system
Optional table
Integration to PACS/HIS/RIS

Mobix 1000
200mA.125KvP system
HF operation
Fixed Anode Tube
2.5Kw operation
APR (Anatomical Programmed Radiography)


Agfa CR Solutions

Agfa offer a suprtb range of CR solutions for the Pacific Islands, included is the versatile and affordable CR-10

Why choose the  CR 10-X?
The simple yet smart new design concept of the CR 10-X creates an affordable opportunity to enter the CR environment.
By addressing the needs of lower volume operations, rural hospitals, private practices and wherever there is a plan to
move from analog to digital, it is the ideal choice for the cost-conscious organization

Unbeatable service from Agfa including loan equipment and quick turn-arounds should the unlikelt event of a failure happen.

Digital Radiology: (Retrofit)
Digital radiology is now as afforable as ever, we are pleased to offer solutions from DRTech.
Any cassette based general radiology system can be upgraded!

Wired (tethered) GOS or CSI FPDs
EVS4343    43 X 43cm (3,072 X 3,072)
EVS2430     24 X 30xm (2,072 X 3840)
Wireless GOS or CSI FPDs
EVS3643    36 X 43cm (2,560 X 3,072)
EVS2430W 24 X 30xm (2,072 X 3840)




Totally Portable, can be used on all X-Ray sources like fixed, mobile and portable equipment.

Econsole1 software installed onto the tablet supplied.

Our DRTech Sites:

Fiji National University - School of Medicine, Twin wired EVS4343 configuration
Fiji National University - School of Veterinary Science, Wireness EVS2430 configuration
On order Ministry of Health Vanuatu 2 X single wireless EVS3643 configurations

DR Solutions also available from Agfa and Toshiba


Voyager PACS
To achieve any medical digital images or DICOM files (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) a PACS system is required.
(picture archiving and communication system) This simply allows the files to be imported/reported/scored/edited by a workstation.
Dictation and transcription options  are available. Our designer Voyager are an Australian company that offer the full solution including
RIS (radiology information system) Voyager have been successful in providing solutions to remote areas with limited bandwidth like the
Australian outback and PNG. Voyager are able to link their PACS into any hospital Information System (HIS) that uses HL7 language.

Voyager PACS are installed in the following Pacific Island Sites:
Fiji National University
MIOT Suva (previously Suva Private Hospital)
Ministry of Health Tonga - Vaiola Hospital