Valleylab FX8 electrosurgical

Valleylab FX8 Electrosurgical Unit

Valleylab Valleylab FX8 Electrosurgical Unit


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The Valleylab™ FX8 energy platform drives electrosurgical handpieces with precision using lower levels of energy.1,2 It’s designed to support a wide range of surgical procedures that require division, hemostasis, and dissection.

Along with cut, coag, and soft coag modes, the Valleylab™ FX8 energy platform enables two unique modes that can bring new possibilities to your procedures:

  • Valleylab™ mode provides a unique combination of monopolar hemostasis and division2,6,7
  • Shared coag mode allows two surgeons to work on the same patient at the same time — from a single energy platform

Plus, the Valleylab™ FX8 energy platform delivers:

  • Precise monopolar and bipolar energy1,2
  • Power control during monopolar energy delivery that’s five times better than the ForceTriad™ energy platform1,2,††
  • Tissue monitoring that’s 2,600 times faster than the Force FX™ electrosurgical generator4,8,9
  • Appropriate thermal spread10,§