Mindray DC-3 Trolley based ultrasound

Mindray DC-3 Trolley Based Ultrasound

Genuine ultraspound probe replacements from:

GE Healthcare
Siemens Healthcare

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High-resolution 15-inch LCD monitor with a wide angle of view
intuitive menu adjustment control and functional button layouts

The USB ports and DVD-R/W are easily accessible
iClear: Adaptive Speckle Suppression Technology
iStation™ for easy and powerful patient data management
iTouch™: intelligent one-button image optimization for both B and PW images
Report template: images from an examination can be embedded in an Examination Report using programmable templates
4D imaging:
iBeam™: (Spatial compounding imaging technology)
THI (Tissue harmonic imaging
B steer
Trapezoid imaging
iScape™ View (Panoramic imaging)

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