Mindray DC-8 Trolley Based Ultrasound

Mindray DC-8 Trolley based ultrasound

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  • HR Flow
  • Ultra-Wideband Nonlinear Processing is Mindray’s latest patent technology to enhance contrast capabilities. The S/N ratio can be improved by approximately 20-30% as compared with other systems
  • The contrast tissue ratio can be enhanced by 20-30% as compared to the phase inversion method
  • The contrast-enhanced signal can last for 20-30% longer for better observation
  • High-resolution iClear: speckle suppression technology improves contrast resolution to better detect and visualize pathological structures. It is now even available for 3D/4D imaging
  • iBeam spatial compounding: use multiple scan angles to form a single image that has enhanced contrast resolution and improved visualization
  • Raw Data processing

iWorks the system can do the following:

  • Automatically sets up imaging controls and modes
  • Automatically inserts comments
  • Automatically initiates the requires measurements
  • Very flexible to customize the protocol for unusual cases
  • 19 inch high-resolution LCD monitor
  • Articulating arm
  • 10.4-inch color touch screen
  • User- friendly control panel